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Sweet Memories vinyl records provide a top quality service for record collectors worldwide with satisfaction guaranteed. Sweet Memories record shop is based in Portsmouth in the south of England and is a mail-order specialists, but also welcomes customers to come and visit their actual shop. When ordering by mail order all vinyl records are professionally cleaned and dispatched within 3 working days. SALE ON NOW with thousands of LPs reduced to only £10.00 

We have many satisfied customers from many different countries. Our customers ALWAYS come first and satisfaction is 100% gauranteed.

Vinyl record collecting is a great hobby. As well as fantastic artwork, the music simply sounds better. Records give you the closest reproduction of the sound that the artist was playing when the music was recorded. Vinyl is the best format available and probably always have been. If you have not got a record player, I would recommend you get one and see for yourself, you certainly will not be disappointed. If you are buying rare vinyl records or selling vintage vinyl, you have come to the right place.

When a Record Collection arrives at our shop in Portsmouth in the UK, the first thing we do is to remove the orchestral easy listening LPs and the Top of the Pops compilations. They are placed in the Free box which is made available to pensioners and old people’s homes at no charge, this is of course the most popular box in the shop.

Records that are scratched or that jump are thrown away. The rest are examined and carefully graded. Any LPs that play OK, but are below our strict shop standard are removed and sold wholesale at 10 for £10.00 in our bargain rooms (sorry not available on-line) We are then left with the LPs that are good enough to be sold on our website and in our shop. These LPs are cleaned using a Keith Monks Record Cleaning machine (the best in the world) and the sound quality is therefore vastly improved.

The inner sleeve is replaced with a brand new one, to keep the record clean and the old inner is still included too as some record collectors like to keep everything original. Finally the LP is placed in a a new 400g polythene sleeve to protect the artwork.The records are then registered on our computerised database and finally placed in alphabetical sections within our shop.

When you place an order on-line, we search for the record, delete if from our database and carefully pack it using 2 cardboard stiffeners and a strong mailing envelope. Large orders are bubble wrapped and all are packed with loving care. Finally the records are carried to the Post office, individually weighed and dispatched usually within 3 working days of your order being placed. The standard cost of a basic non collectable LP is only £10.00, I think you will agree that this is superb value for money.

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